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Welcome to TN Specialist Training

BBC South East Today May 2018

Welcome to the TN Specialist Training Ltd website. The site is here to signpost my skills in relation to offering training companies the services of a qualified knowledgeable trainer and criminal investigator, both in the area of Advanced Investigative Interviewing Skills Training, also Cyber Crime Investigation Training, relating the procedures for handling electronic and digital evidence, as well as Open Source Investigation Training.

Alongside, this personal promotion, I felt it very important to once again take the opportunity to signpost to members of the community and the general public, as well as businesses, to help ensure they become safe online. To that end on this site, you will see some guidance on what to do if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being compromised online, or indeed have been the victim of a hacking attack, or indeed a victim of identity theft whether this has occurred either as a business or as a personal loss.

I spent some 15 years of my 22 years & 6 months as a police detective, investigating all aspects of online crime. Therefore, I can offer advice and assistance to all, in relation to becoming a safer surfer and user of the internet as well as giving advice on the way forward.

I have been extremely lucky over the years and worked alongside some of the country’s top computer related crime experts. I have been given the opportunity to use under licence, some video clips on this site and therefore it gives an extra opportunity, to try and ensure that the internet safety online message, is fully promoted.

If you feel you need assistance, then please complete the comments form and send it to me and I will endeavour to give you the assistance you need.

I was once told in a presentation, some many moons ago, which is still very relevant today. “Every calendar year equates to four years in technology terms”, so remember, technology is moving on at an extremely fast pace.

Please contact me, if I can assist with any of your company training requirements or provide your audience with internet safety presentations that are entertaining as well as informative.

Stay Safe Online

Tony Noble


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